About Us


The Department of Student Engagement houses both the Fraternity and Sorority Life office and the Student Organization Center; providing advising, support, leadership development, and resources to over 35 fraternities and sororities and more than 450+ registered student organizations.

Fraternities and sororities provide an enriching student experience focused on the pillars of leadership, scholarship, community service, sisterhood, and brotherhood.  Membership in a fraternity or sorority is life-long and provides connections long after graduation.

Student organizations provide almost limitless opportunities for students to build connections on campus. We encourage students to become involved in student organizations to enhance their learning and add co-curricular experiences to their classroom work.

Our staff encourages all students to explore the many different student groups at ECU and take advantage of the opportunities these organizations provide.

Vision Statement

To develop thoughtful and empowered students through organization involvement that prepares them to be lifelong community leaders.

Mission Statement

Student Engagement helps prepare students for post-graduation by:
Providing professional advising services to student organizations and student leaders that fosters student-led experiences and opportunities for growth and development.
Delivering innovative and intentional training and programming.
Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters collaboration and creativity
Establishing and managing processes that support student organization growth, success, and responsibility.
As a result, students will:
Become owners of their collegiate experience and leadership profile
Be inspired to create, collaborate, and grow
Recognize their strengths, passions, and talents
Develop into resilient, accountable, and civically responsible servant leaders.

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